26/10/2013 - CVV-PUC Campinas


APESP Diagnoses; Meeting October 26, 2013:

  • CASE HOSPITAL ALIANÇA: Woman, 32 y/o. Sinonasal tumor;

-Low-grade sinonasal sarcoma with neural and myogenic features: a clinicopathologic analysis of 28 cases. Lewis JT et al. Am M Surg Pathol 36: 517-25, 2012.

-IHC: positivity for Actin, S-100, CD56, BcL2, KI-67 (5%); negative for Ck.- 

      2. CASE HOSPITAL BRIGADEIRO: Woman, 64 y/o. Inguinal mass.

-Silicone granuloma (CD68 positive + clinical data).- 

3.CASE HOSPITAL BRIGADEIRO:   Man, 42 y/o. Para-renal mass (previous nephrectomy).

- MiTF/TFE translocation carcinoma of the kidney.

- The molecular study revealed Xp11 translocation and t(6,11). IHC: nuclear positivity for TFE. 

4. CASE MICHAL-MICHAL: Man, 53 y/o. Mass in the paratestis region. 

- Paratesticular  cystadenoma with ovarian stroma, metaplastic serous mullerian epithelium, and male adnexal tumor of probable Wolffian origin. Michal Michal et al. An. Diag. Pathol. 17: 151-58, 2013.  

5. CASE FAC. MEDICINA BOTUCATU: Child, 6 y/o. Intravertebral tumor-C4-T1.

                               - Ewing/PNET tumor.

                               - IHC: positivity for CD99 and AE1-AE3, and focal for Desmin and chromogranin.