23/08/2014 - Botucatu


APESP Diagnoses; Meeting August 23, 2014: 

Resultados dos casos apresentados na reunião da Apesp, em Botucatu (Agosto 23, 2014)- Final diagnoses of the presented cases

1. Marília  case: Axillary lymph node- Preliminary diagnoses: Large cell anaplastic lymphoma vs. Histiocytic sarcoma (the case will be presented in the next meeting).

2. Aliança case: A liver mass- Metastasis of GIST (IHQ panel: positive: C-Kit, CD31, thrombomodulin, HHF-35, CD34, actin.

3. ASPEN case: Intramuscular tumor in the leg: Hemangioepithelioma: Sarcoma epithelioid simile: IHQ panel: positive: AE1-AE3; negative: S-100, EMA, actin, CD34.

4. EPM/UNIFESP case: Lung biopsy-Renal TX. patient- P. jiroveci  pneumonia.

5. EPM/UNIFESP case: Lesion in the esophagus (vomited): Pleomorphic sarcoma with osteoclast-type giant cells. IHQ panel: Positive: Vimentin; CD68; EMA focal; Negative: AE1-AE3; LCA.

6. HBM case: Osteolytic lesion in the tibia. Case will be presented in the next meeting.

7. UNICAMP case: Hepatic lesion. Hepatocarcinoma/hepatocholangiocarcinoma. IHQ panel: negative: TTH1; CK20; thyroglobulin; Positive: CK7; Heppar1; CEA.

8. EPM-Brigadeiro case: Nephrectomy. Pielocalicial lythiasis evolving with epidermoid metaplasia of the urothelium and epidermoid invasive carcinoma.

9. Salomão-Zoppi Lab. Soft tissue gluteal tumor. Alveolar soft tissue sarcoma. IHQ panel: Positive: MyoD1, TFE3.

10. FMB-UNESP case: Lung tumor= Solitary fibrous tumor. IHQ  panel: Positive> CD95, BCL2.