11/11/2006 - Mogi Mirim


1. A216-1 – PATMED – B06198/06
*Noma (“Cancrum oris”; oral facial gangrene) (Crit Rev Oral Biol Med. 11: 159, 2000). The patient had a plastic facial reconstruction and is fully recovering.

2. A216-2 –UNIUBE – Uberaba – B2330
*Pleomorphic adenoma with a predominant myoepithelial component (AE1-AE3 negative, HHF35, 1A4, Vim positive) (The present diagnosis was contested by several participants who raised the diagnoses of synovial sarcoma or mesenchymal chondrosarcoma as more likely to be the correct one for the case). The case will be re-discussed in the next meeting.

3. A216-3 – Hosp. Aliança – Patocito – Bahia – AP 2363/06
*Oral atypical licken (Lichemoid dysplasia) (There were foci of atypia in surrounding areas).

4. A216-4 – IAPC – São José do Rio Preto
* Eosinophylic esophagitis (the patient has been treated for food allergy).

5. A216-5 – UFMG – B7273/06
* Gastric glomus tumor (SMAc, Vim, positive; Desmin, Chomogranin, CD11, CD34, negative) (J Clin Gastrol. 40:717, 2006; AJSP 26:301, 2002).

6. A216-6 – UNESP – Botucatu – CO157/06; B4773/06
* Histiocytic sarcoma (CD68, lysozime, Vim positive; CD45 & S-100 focal; PCR for B & T gene rearrangement negative) (AJSP 28, 2004). 

7. A216-7 – EPM – IMUNOTEC– B06/23783
* Balantidiasis.

8. A216-8 – Hospital do Câncer – A.C. Camargo – CA6/4620
* Synovial sarcoma (EMA, AE1, AE3, Vim positive; PCR T:X-18, positive) (The primary tumor had been previously resected).

9. A216-9 – Mayo Clinic 
* Metastatic osteosarcoma (metastasis from a retroperitoneal dediferentiated Liposarcoma). (AJSP 21:271,1997)

10. A216-10 Hosp. Servidor Público Estadual – S06/8773
0 * Dediferentiated chondrosarcoma (Vim & Desmin, focal, SMAc, p53 positive, Myogenin negative). 

11. A216-11 – EPM/ UNIFESP– B06/21360 
* Warthin’s tumor associated with Hodgkin’s lymphoma (CD15, CD30 positive) (Melabo. M. et al Pathol. Res. Pract 181:615,1986).

12. A216-12 – Porto – H05/3220 
* Meningo.-encephalitis by Balamurthia mandrillaris. (J Clin Microbiol. 206:260, 2006); Case described in Portugal) (diagnosis confirmed by PCR).

13. A216-13 – FAMERP – FUNFARME 
* Renal cell carcinoma, clear cell variant, associated with angiomyolipoma (HMB45, S-100 positive in the AML area) (Pathol. Int. 49:1-8, 1999) (Some participant did not indentify the AML component which was said to be better present in additional sections of the tumor). 

14. A216-14 – Bauru– B05/3540 
* Microglandular adenosis (COL IV, S-100 positive; SMAc negative) (no malignancy detected in the specimen). 15. A216-15 – Salomão & Zoppi – IH106/500 
* PEComa (HMB45 strong and diffusely positive; HHF35, SMAc positive). 

16. A216-16 – Esther Oliva’s Case – OCS-579 
* Small cell carcinoma, large cell variant, hypercalcemic type (EMA, CK8, CK18, p53, WT1 positive; Inhibin, TTF1, feto negative) (AJSP 18: 1102,1994).