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29/09/2007 - BAURU


1. A221-1 Hosp. A.C. Camargo 
Case in a CD – 67 y/o woman. Nodule in the parotid. (FNAspiration).
Diagnosis: Renal cell carcinoma (clear cell) metastatic to the parotid.
(in 1980: Renal cell carcinoma; in 2002: Metastasis to the thyroid. The FNA was suggestive of acinic cell carcinoma).

2. A221-2 – Michal Michal case
B8426/07 – 58 y/o woman. Polypoid obstructing masses in the nasal cavity. Six months after a radical surgical intervention, the patient is without recurrence.
Diagnosis: Teratocarcinosarcoma.
(DK Heffner et al. Cancer 1984;53:2140-2154).

3. A221-3 – Pathos
B06/57044 – 43 y/o man. Rhinopharynx. Multiple irregular fragments, measuring  altogether 1.3 cm.
Diagnosis: Dendritic follicular cell sarcoma. (Case not presented)

4. A221-4 – Caso Porto
H06/6932 – 60 y/o man. Gastrectomy due to a gastric neoplasia.
Diagnosis: Poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma, with lymphoid stroma and osteoclast like giant cells (CAM5-2 positive; CD68 positive in stromal cells; EBV negative) (Willem S. et al. Histopathology 47:331,2005).

5. A221-5 – UNICAMP
2 y/o, girl. Obstructive acute abdomen. 
Diagnosis: Lymphangioma. (Factor  VIII, CD34, CD31 negative; D2-40 positive) (J. Ped. Surg. 34 (7):1091-95,1999).

6. A221-6 – Patocito – Bahia – Hosp. Aliança 
B06/07 – 2 y/o girl. Hepatosplenomegaly-liver biopsy.
Diagnosis: Metabolic storage disease ( Niemann- Pick Type B-visceral). (CD68, lisozime, positive). 

 7. A221-7 – Esther Oliva Case
B07/33970 – 55 y/o woman. Histerectomy due to leiomyomas.
Diagnosis: Low grade, primary of the uterus Non-Hodgkin B-cell lymphoma (extranodal marginal zone B cell lymphoma). CD20, CD43, CD5 positive) (Am. J. Surg. Pathol. 21:187,1997; Histopathology 45: 654, 2004).

8. A221-8 – Esther Oliva Case
MS-07-E29644 – 31 y/o, woman. Prolapse leiomyoma (myomectomy).
Diagnosis: Endometrial stromal tumor with sex-cord elements and smooth muscle differentiation(EMA, S-100, HMB45, inhibin, negative, CD10, desmin, 1A4, positive) (Am. J. Surg. Pathol, 22: 997, 1998).

9. A221-9 – Salomão & Zoppi 
AP06/68973 – 59 y/o man. A 11.5 x 10.6 cm mass in the right kidney.
Diagnosis: Follicular thyroid carcinoma metastatic to the kidney (previous history of the primary in the thyroid 18 years ago and subsequent regional lymphatic metastasis 2 years ago; IHC: positive for thyroglobulin, CK7, vim, TTF1; CD10, chrom, negative).

10. A221-10 – Fac. Medicina – UNESP – Botucatu 
B07/2613 – 46 y/o woman. A 7 year-history of a 3 cm in diameter nodule in the left forearm. 
Diagnosis: Myopericytoma (1A4, HHF35, CD34 positive; CKs, S-100 negative) 
(Am. J. Surg. Pathol 22:513,1998).

11. A221-11 – USP – Ribeirão Preto
26 y/o man. Papular yellowish lesions in the inferior abdominal skin. The patient presented with erythematous lesions on the same site 20 days ago.
Diagnosis: Ectopic cutaneous schistosomiasis associated with anulare granuloma type-reaction (Rev. Inst. Med. Trop. São Paulo, 1998; 4:253-57; An. Bras. Dermatol. 72: 373,1997).

12. A221-12 – Bauru
21 y/o, woman. A congenital, nodular pigmented lesion in the internal-superior region of the thigh, close to the perineal region.
Diagnosis: Atypical melanocytic lesion, suspicious for malignancy. A sentinel lymph node biopsy was suggested and carried out. The case will be presented in the next meeting.

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