22/05/2010 - CAMPINAS


1.  Hospital Aliança   
AP 3066-09 – 44 y/o, woman. A cervical tumor with a slow and progressive growth. 
Ossifying fibromyxoid tumor of left tumor-non-ossifying variant
(Case seen by Dr. Maria Lopes, Portugal, and Dr. C.  Fletcher)
(IHC: Positive: Vimentin, S-100, CD10, Calponin, KI-67 (3%); Negative, EMA, GFAP 

2.  FMUSP    
 – 59 y/o, man, tumor in the left para-pharyngeal region. The specimen was represented by multiple, whitish, elastic fragments (41 g; 4.7cm ).
- Biphasic synovial sarcoma 
(IHC: Positive: vim, AE1-AE3, EMA, CD99, Bcl2; Negative, Actin, 1A4, p63, GFAP). 

3.  UNESP - Botucatu    
B10-1315 – A 43 y/o, man, presented with a 9.0 cm in the right cervical region, firm, attached to the deep tissues, In addition: cervical polyadenomegaly, weight loss of 21 kg, pulmonary mass in the right middle lobe and in the left peri-hilar region.
B-cell lymphoma, unclassifiable, with features intermediate between diffuse large B-cell lymphoma and classical Hodgkin lymphoma. 
IHC: Positive: CD45, CD20, CD75A, CD30 (FOCAL); Negative: CD15, MUM1.

4.  AC Camargo    
– A234 – 
A 34 y/o, man. A primary lung nodule.
Desmoplastic small round  cell tumor.
(IHC: Positive: AE1-AE3, VIM, EMA, CD99, WT1 carboxil terminal, desmin, CAM 5-2)
(FISH: gene EWS, FKHR) (Negative: TTF1, CK7).

5. Basco-Spain   
– B10–26541 – A 12 y/o, boy with a large hepatic mass occupying the whole right lobe, measuring 14 cm in diameter.
- Undifferentiated (Embryonal) sarcoma of the liver 
(IHC: Vim, alfa-1 anti-trypsin positive) 

6. Salomão & Zoppi 
– AP0110 – 4516 – 
A 78 y/o, man, A renal nodule, well demarcated, whitish mass, firm, measuring 3.4 x 3.2 cm, was detected. He was submitted to an inferior, left resection of the renal pole.
XP 11.2 translocation renal cell carcinoma 
(IHC: Positive: EMA, Ck focal, 35-beta-H21 focal, vimentin, racemase, CD10, TFE3) (case seen Dr. Argani)

– B10-44603 – A 62 y/o, man, Due to an increase testicular volume, he was submitted    to a radical orchiectomy. The specimen showed a 13.5 cm in diameter, whistish, solid, multilobulated mass predominantly in the paratesticular region.
Malignant Mesothelioma (biphasic type).
(IHC: Positive: Calretinin, Vim, WT1, Ki-67 +++)

8. Uberaba, MG  
– 56-15374-812 - 35
 y/o, man, tumor in the distal, lateral region of the right arm. The patient is a worker with a heavy physical activity. Recently ­­he was submitted to a surgery to correct a rupture of the biceps muscle, when this tumor was resected. Central ossifying myositis?  The tumor weighed 51 g and measured 6.5 x 3.6 x 3.2 cm and was firm, hard to cut.
- Ossifying proliferative reactive fasciitis 
(IHC: Negative: 1A4, HHF35, CD34, S-100)
P.S Case still to be defined.

9. ABH
- 5178 0- 09 – A 22 y/o man. Five lesions in the CNS and spinal medulla.
Hemagioblastoma with a metastasis of a pancreatic neuro-endocrine tumor (Hippel-Lindau-Syndrome)
(IHC: Positive: AE1-AE3, synaptophysin, chromogranin.

10. Australia – 42 y/o, male. Tumor in the pineal region (case distributed by internet)
Papillary tumor of the pineal gland.
(IHC: Positive: Ck, S-100, CAM 5-2)

11. PUC  
– B10 – 080 – A 20 y/o, man, Headache, seizures, and motor deficit in the right arm for two months and facial paralysis more recently. At surgery, a cerebral 4.0 cm in diameter, well-demarcated, solid-cystic, cortical nodule was excised.
PNET (anaplastic variant)
(IHC: Positive: GFAP, Vim, S-100, CD99, CD56, synatophysin, NSE, Ki-67: 90%) (Case seen by Dr. B. Scheithauer, Mayo Clinic)

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