28/08/2010 - BOTUCATU



1Sta Casa de São Paulo 
    B11009795 - Tumor in the superior pole of the left kidney detected in an intra-uterine US. The boy was submitted to a left nephro-adrenalectomy. A. 3 cm in diameter, whistish, firm, with irregular contours, limited to the kidney, mass was detected.
            - Mesoblastic nephoma 
            (P.S. Case not presented)

2. Case Porto 
– H10-2282 – A 15 y/o boy presented with a mass (9 g; 3x3x1.5 cm) in the soft tissue below the right knee. 
            - Calcified synovial sarcoma 
            (Positive: EMA, Bcl2, AE1-AE3 focal.
            Negative: S-100, calretenin; X-18 translocation positive).

3. Case Patocito - Hosp. Aliança    
65 y/o woman, History of a colonic adenocarcinoma resected 4 years ago. Now 
a  pulmonary nodule was resected (metastasis?).
            - Pulmonary adenocarcinoma (primary)
            (Positive: TTF1, Surfactant, CK7, CK20; Negative: CDX2, Villin)
            P.S. The IHC profile of the intestinal  adenocarcinoma was the opposite of the pulmonary
lesion, which was then interpreted as a second malignancy with histological features   similar to the intestinal type of pulmonary carcinoma.

4Case UNESP - Botucatu   
– B3915/10 – 57 y/o man. A hard, hemorrhagic cerebelar mass, with intracranial hypertension. A past history of a lesion in the proximal region of the right femur and soft tissue. Irregular fragments of soft, brownish tissue, measuring 1.5 cm were received.
            - Anaplastic plasmocytoma metastatic to the CNS.
           (Positive: CD138, Kappa, p53, Ki-67: 30%, EMA)

5. Case Spain - Basco Country
Male, 77, with a tumor mass in the hepatic caudate lobe.
        - Colangiocarcinoma arising in a biliar hamartoma (Von Meyenburg complex)
         (Positive: CEA, CK7, CK20).

6. Case Basco Country 
Female 48, intrarenal cyst with a solid pole, 2.5 cm in diameter. No tumor elsewhere. 
            - Primary renal carcinoid tumor. Positive: synapthophysin, chromogramin, 
           AE1–AE3 dot.

7. Salomão & Zoppi
– IHO110-612 – 
56 y/o, woman. A 9.0 cm in diameter, 119 g tumoral mass in the soft tissue of the sacrococcigeal region.
            - MPNST with heterologous  components: chondroid, glandular, rhabdomyoblastic. 
                Positive: S-100, focal; Desmin, focal, Myogenin, focal; 1A4, HHF-35 focal.
                P.S. The patient has no other feature of NF1.

8. Case From Australia (internet case)
            - Prostate bx
            - Basal cell hyperplasia with clear cell change and mucin production. 

9. Case Bahia – Thyroid case 
            - Case presented in the last meeting 
            - Follicular adenoma with spindle cell metaplasia ( TTF1 and thyroglobulin   

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