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    Man, 50 y/o. Volumous mass in the right tonsillary region. Fast growth. Non- Hodkgin lymphoma? Carcinoma? 
    Mantle cell lymphoma, classic type- Cyclin-D1-negative. SOX 11 positive.    CD10, Bcl6 negative. Ki-67=50% positive. CD5, CD43, CD20, BcL2 positive.
    Case seen in consultation by Dr. Elias Campos, for Barcelona.

    Woman, 58 y/o. A heterogenous nodular peri-pancreatic nodular lesion measuring 4.8 cm, detected by US. Lymph node?  
    Sarcoma of follicular dendritic cells. CD21, CD23, CD35 positive. Ki-67= 10%. (World J Gastroenterology, 16(20): 2504-19, 2010).

3. IAMSPE-A240
    New-born – 1 day of life. 1050g. Oligohydramnio, Apgar 1 & 5.
    Anoxic encephalopathy. Focal periventricular hemorrhage.
    Renal tubular disgenemia (Lesion induced by Losartan (angiotensin inhibitor). The mother was taken this medication with no medical orientation.
    (Nature Genetics 2009, 87:964-68).

    60 year old woman with a tumor of the ovary measuring 7.5 x 6.5 x 4.5 cm. The tumor was inhibin, SMActin positive and CK negative.
    Ovarian fibroma with massive deposition of hyalin globules (IHC: Positive for inhibin). (Michal M. et al. Ovarian fibromas with heavy deposition of hyaline globules: a diagnostic pitfall. 
    Int J Gynecol Pathol 2009; 28: 356-61)

     AP0111-3806 – 
Woman, 33 y/o. Torsion of the right ovary. Surgical specimen: 
     a 6.5 cm diameter cyst,  filled up by a brownish liquid. At the internal surface, a exophytic  3.5 cm diameter lesion was detected.
    Primative  neuroectodermic tumor, primary in the ovary (ependimoma)
     (Vim, GFAP, PR,ER,EMA, S-100 positive; WT1 focal)
    (Hum Pathol 15: 632, 1984; AJSP 17: 764, 1993; Nogales et al. Hum Pathol. 2010).

6. CASE PORTO – H11-5728
    H11-5728 – A 60 y/o woman presented with nodular cutaneous lesion which   was  excised.   
    Fibromatosis (desmoid tumor) (Vim, AML positive; beta catenin with nuclear positivity). 

7. DASA 
    Man, 42 y/o, Skin. Hypothesis:  Keloid? 
    Lobomycosis (Jorge Lobo´s mycosis). (patient from the Northern region of Brazil). 

8. BOTUCATU CASE-UNESP- B3511/11 (case in a CD)    
A 46 y/o woman presented with purpuric, painful, plaques in the arms and legs. History of smoking and alcoholism. No use of illicit drug.
    (deficiency of B3 vitamin-nyacim)
    (Brit. Assoc. Dermatopathologists 2011; 164:1188 -20).

9. CASE VIRTUAL- AUSTRALIA (Internet case)
    Male patient, bladder tumour.
    Transitional cell carcinoma mimicking lobular carcinoma of the breast – plasmocytoid carcinoma: a discohesive variant of urothelial carcinoma.
    (Histopathology, 46: 50-6, 2005); Hum Pathol 2009; 40: 1023-8.
    (IHC: E-caderin and AE1 – AE3 positive; EP/PR negative.

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