1. Fac. Medicina de Botucatu:
-  Woman, 71 y/o. Lung nodule with lobulated contours and well defined borders, in the inferior segment of the superior left lobe, measuring 4.0 x 2.7 cm.in diameter.

2. Case Dr. Suster:
SS-11/15027 – An 80 y/o, man with a history of a 6 cm in diameter mass in the right lower back soft tissue is seen for shortness of breath and cough. A chest CT scan shows a single, well-defined and well-circumscribed solitary mass the right lower lobe of lung. The glass slide is from the resected pulmonary mass.

3. FM-USP - Ribeirão Preto - B.4744/2011
- Man, 47 y/o. A erythematous papular, non perlaceous, with a fibrous consistency, non-infiltrative lesion.
- Basocellular carcinoma? Fibroma?

4. Pablo case- São Luiz, Maranhão
- Woman 25 y/o. Ulcerated lesion in the hand

5. ASPEN- (CD):
- Woman, 52 y/o. Ulcerated lesion in the ring finger. Acanthoma??

6. Hospital Aliança:
Woman. 69 y/o. Retroperitoneal tumor with ascites and bilateral obstruction of the      ureters. Retroperitoneal fibrosis??

7. Salomão & Zoppi - AP1412/11601 :
Woman, 28 y/o, gestational age of 34/35 weeks. Hypothesis: partial mole at the US.
Gross features: Placenta weighing 570 g and measuring 20.4 x 18.6 x 3.0 cm. On sectioning, the tissue is pale brown with edema of the villi in peripheral areas and winy and soft, spongy in the central region of the disk. Umbilical cord insertion trifurcated and dilation of the blood vessels adjacent to the plate chorionic insertion.

8. EPM - B11/8850
Man, 72 y/o. A 9.0 cm in diameter tumor mass in the right kidney.

9. Case Dr. Michal:
M-31793/08 – A man 24 y/o. Right testicular mass.

10. Lima de Moraes:  B96006
Boy. 9 months. A testicular tumor.

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