27/09/2014 - SÃO PAULO - EPM UNIFESP


APESP Diagnoses; Meeting September 27, 2014: 

1.     Case ACCamargo: Man 43 y/o. Tumoral mass in the left cervical region:
-         Diagnosis: Large B-cell lymphoma - ALK positive.
-         IHC panel: CD20 positive focal, small lymphocytes. S-100 positive focal, dendritic cells. Negative: AE1-AE3, kappa, CD30. Pax 5 positive focal. CD3 positive in small cells. Positive: CD45, ALK1, CD138, MUM 1, lambda.
-         (see: Beltran B. et al. J. Hematol. Oncol. 2009: 2: 1).

2.     Case Aliança: Girl, 6y/o. Torax RX: marked reduction in the density of the superior lobe of the left lung.
-         Diagnosis: Congenital emphysema – Bronchiectasis due to agenesia of the bronchial cartilaginous support.
-         (see: Chest 228 (5) (November 2005).

3.     Case FMB- UNESP- 63 y/o woman. Abdominal pain. Lesion in the ileum.
-         Diagnosis: Enteropathy-associated T-cell – Lymphoma (EATL). IHC: CD3 positive. KI-67 positive. Type 2 monomorphic: CD56 and CD8 positive.
-         (see: AJCPathol. 2007; 127: 701-706).

4.     Case EPM- UNIFESP: 75 y/o man. Nephrotic syndrome. Arterial hipertension. Clinical data consistent with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL).
-         Diagnosis: Multifocal infiltration of the renal parenchyma by CLL, associated with Membranous Glomerulonephritis (stage I-II).
-         (see: Amer. J. Nephrol. 20: 402-7, 2000).

5.     Case Salomão-Zoppi- 35 y/o man. Headache. A hypothalamic tumoral mass.
-         Diagnosis: Chondroid glyoma. IHC panel: Positive: Vimentin; CD3; GFAP; CD99; CD34; EMA; S-100 and chromogranin: weak.
-         (see: Amer. J. Neuroradiol. 2001: 22: 464).

6.     Case EPM/UNIFESP- M14-148 –A 34 y/o man. Clinical data: Anemia. A systemic infectious syndrome. Thrombocytopenia.
-         Diagnosis: Lympho-Hemophagocytic syndrome associated with mycobacteriosis. Ziehl focally positive. IHC: CD-68 positive, with emphasis on the presence of red blood cells in the cytoplasm of macrophages (phagocytosis).
-         The patient died and the autopsy findings will be presented in the coming Apesp Meeting.
(see: Brastianos PK et al. Lancet 6 (7): 447-54, 2006).

7.     Case – A 64 y/o man. Pelvic mass. Prostate bx.
-         Diagnosis: Basal cell carcinoma of the prostate, focal pattern of cystic adenoid carcinoma. IHC panel: Positive: CK7, BCL 2, p63, KI-67 (25%); Negative: CK20, PSA.
(see K.Chang et al. World J. Surg. Oncol. 11: 193; 2013).

8.     Marília  case: Man, 7y/o - Larynx tumor: This case will be presented and discussed in the coming meeting.

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